Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Recycling plastic bags [Angels of Faith support group]

 The support group have recently been receiving training in how to recycle their used plastic bags into mats and other items.  All you need is a large crochet hook and lots of plastic bags!!!!!

Mandela Day visit to the creche

We are very grateful to the Eastern Cape Liquor Board who visited the crèche and handed out toys, equipment  and prepared food for the crèche as part of their Mandela Day activities in July 2015. Despite the very wet weather we had a very enjoyable time.

 The Liquor Board also arranged for the exterior of the crèche to be painted and a new tiled floor to be laid in one of the classrooms.

Porridge shoes and JAM

We are grateful to JAM [Joint Aid Management] for the support they are giving to our crèche children in Nonceba Crèche.
Porridge: every morning the children are given fortified porridge [which contains 75% of the daily required nutrients]  We have seen a noticeable improvement in the general  health and well being of the children, which is also confirmed by our records of their weight and height measurements.

Shoes: we recently received a pair of TOMs shoes for all of our children from JAM [Photos to follow].  The children were very excited to receive their shoes.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Operation Christmas 2015 launch

Please phone us on +27 (0) 43 722 2840  or +27 (0)71 202 1167 if you would like to get involved with this worthwhile project.  Alternatively you can contact us on lightofhope@dtcc.co.za